a structure extending alongshore or
out from the shore into a body of water,
to which boats may be moored

The Dock team visits seafood fisheries in 18 countries to deal directly with fishermen

Whether its Galician octopus or our sweet & crunchy calamari, we make sure they are the best catch of the season.

Experience the world’s best salmon, along with our sustainably sourced fishes from around the world.

Freshly-caught live lobsters – from both Canada and the US for sure to make your mouth water!

We are simply the best oyster place in town! Fresh from the dock to our live tanks, our 14 different species of world’s best oysters are waiting to be explored.

Crab lovers beware you will face a difficult choice of which crab to choose from! Whether its Taraba, King Crab or Cornish crab we have it all. See you at The Dock!